Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gentoo Egg Watch Update

Maybe it's just me, but does that egg appear cracked?

The "changing of the guard" and I don't see an egg.

This shot is the beginning of a series of the penguin nest near the large boulder in the background getting looksees. I'm thinking that egg hasn't hatched, but it's rocking.

More looksees.

And more looksees.

And even more looksees.

The egg is still there, but...

She's looking again.

Now, the close-ups of the above shots...

Yeah, yeah. You're hot.

Looks like he's yelling at his chick already. "Come out of there, you little rascal!"

Take it in... take it ALL in. lolol

Another close-up.

Happy gentoos.

Nice shot of this gentoo hitting its oil gland near its pygostyle. They preen with this oil to keep themselves waterproof and buoyant.

Another update tomorrow, but for now ARoooooo (translated: g'nite!)

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