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Image of the Day

Gentoo Penguins on a well-worn highway at Neko Harbour, Antarctic Peninsula. Note the pinkish tint to the underside of the flippers. Shunting blood to the more lightly feathered parts of the body helps with cooling on a "hot" day.

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Image of the Day

At Prion Island, South Georgia.

Many Gentoos have nothing but pebbles to build their nests with. Here, they have lots of comfy vegetation to use.

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Image of the Day


Gentoo penguins are the third largest penguin species and also boast the largest tails of all. They are generalist predators, feeding on a mixture of crustaceans and fish. Gentoos are very dependent on land, returning to the beach each night. As a result they must forage coastally, rarely venturing more than 12 miles offshore, making them very vulnerable to local variations in food availability.

The gentoo is one of the least abundant Antarctic penguins, with only 300,000 pairs worldwide. South Georgia is home to the majority of the worlds gentoos; approximately one third of the global population. They are found in small colonies around the Island, nesting either on the beaches, or considerable distances inland in the tussac grass on elevated headlands and hilltops.

With no printed value on the stamps, this set is part of the Definitive stamp set and will remain in use for around five years. The current Airmail Postcard rate is 60p, so the set has a face value of £2.40 and the special mini sheet costs £4.80. The First Day Cover features a pair of king penguins and costs £3.30.

South Georgia stamps can be bought via the website www.falklandstamps.fk where you can also read the press release for this issue in full.

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Image of the Day

Penguin Tracks
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Image of the Day

Resting Gentoo Penguins in front of building at abandoned whaling station, Deception Island off Antarctic Peninsula.

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Location: Indianapolis Zoo.

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Little Gentoos
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Image of the Day

Just visiting
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Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) colony visited by a Rockhopper (Eudyptes chrysocome, the second smallest penguin species); 6 November 2009, New Island (Falklands)

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Image of the Day

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