Monday, January 20, 2014

Gentoo Chick Watch Week 2

This week, there were just too, too many images I wanted to share of the growing chicks, so I made a gif of them so you could just see them all. Otherwise, I would've uploaded about 30+ camshots. lol
This penguin is the one whose nest in the above gif has an unhatched egg. No worries, though. The proud parents still have an ever growing chick that will get all the food. Can we see that Super-Chick is coming? Of course. I'm naming this little guy, C.K., after the you-know-who super person in disguise. 
There's the egg alongside C.K.
 Look how big C.K. is already! 

And here's little C.K. with his first photobomb. :-)
Mom or Dad eventually realize the egg is no good and kick it out of the nest, and it's a good thing, too. Little C.K. doesn't have room to burrow beneath those protective, proud chests of his parents. 

More to come... stay tuned! 
And by the way, Happy Penguin Appreciation Day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gentoo Chick Watch 2014

 A gif showing a few hours time at the rookery

 Mom is letting the chicks see their first snow

See the little head poking out???  

 Mom or Dad taking a nap

The nap continues
 ... and continues

 Checking on the chick

 Another shot of a chick's head with doting parents looking on. 

 Okay. Back to that nap. 

 The chick is taking a looksee.

 Din din time!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the rookery, we've got some goodly sized chicks over there.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gentoo Chick Watch 1/11/2014

There's our new parent, showing off his/her chicks
 One parent is feeding the chick

I see a baby! No wait! I see 2 babies!
 If you look at this closely, you'll see the parent feeding the chick.

This is the next frame and there the little one is!
This one is thinking about feeding its chick.
 I can't see these little guys enough. 

 There's a chick, plus there's a nice sky to boot.

 Proud parents!

 Just had to include another shot of that gorgeous sky

The babies are getting some fresh air.
 Sunshine and the chicks are cuddled against the parent.

Excellent shot of some penguin chick butts.

 Feeding time.

 There's a little chick head poking out.

Here's a shot of one parent with 2 chicks beneath those feathers.
Now, the close-ups. Isn't this just the grandest image of a parent feeding a chick?
 More feeding...

There he is!


 Feeding time!

 Uh-oh! A summer snow. Thankfully a light dusting. 

Look at the chicks on this side of the rookery!

More tomorrow... stay tuned!

Gentoo Egg Watch -- the Day is Finally Here!

 Would you look at the attention those nests are getting... yep, those eggs are hatching!

It's 1am on the 8th, and the rookery seems to feel hatching is imminent. 

 And now, this is the 8th. Someone has a CHICK!!!!!

 Same day, and look at this one! She has both eggs free of their occupants!

 Another long shot and now there are two, on the 10th. 

 Mom's yelling out how happy she is. And you can clearly see that chick!

 Another shot of parents showing off their kids...

 OMG... you can't get more adorable than a penguin chick!

Snugged in!
This is the 8th and you can see two chicks in this nest (despite that pesky fog). 

New family portrait. 

~~~~More tomorrow!~~~