Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gentoo Egg Watch -- the Day is Finally Here!

 Would you look at the attention those nests are getting... yep, those eggs are hatching!

It's 1am on the 8th, and the rookery seems to feel hatching is imminent. 

 And now, this is the 8th. Someone has a CHICK!!!!!

 Same day, and look at this one! She has both eggs free of their occupants!

 Another long shot and now there are two, on the 10th. 

 Mom's yelling out how happy she is. And you can clearly see that chick!

 Another shot of parents showing off their kids...

 OMG... you can't get more adorable than a penguin chick!

Snugged in!
This is the 8th and you can see two chicks in this nest (despite that pesky fog). 

New family portrait. 

~~~~More tomorrow!~~~

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