Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Update

I see an egg!

Somebody's happy. :-)
Not sure if this is an illusion or that penguin on the left is feeding a chick. She really does appear to be doing so. Will keep looking... 
She's on the egg and she is talking!
 Now see? She gets up and it's just an egg.  The little fellow is either tucked under or mom's leading us on.

I see that egg, again.
Well, what a poser!
Coming home after feeding and he's in a hurry!
 This is simply a photobomb. No question. lol

Are we trying to be sexy here or what? 
 Good close-up of a huge egg. 

Mr. Sexy is baaaaack.
 Shake, shake, shake!

Another shot of the egg.
I just liked this one for some reason. 
And this one, too. 

 Aw now you're just being silly!

 Just when you think he's gone... boom!

Nice portrait, but isn't he showing off?

Will be looking again today... stay tuned. Chicks are due to hatch ANY DAY!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Update (Part 2)

This image is from December 18th, and as you can see, there are two nicely intact eggs on that nest.

The next day, we get a looksee at another egg in another nest.

The parent takes a break and we catch another glimpse of an egg, again on the 19th.

 Another day passes and the egg is still there.

This is a nice shot of that huge honker of an egg.

This egg is beginning to take on some wear and dirt, but still it's there.

I'll just bet that's the male trying to be cute.

The 23rd and no chick yet, BUT there's been a great deal of looking.
 Guess whoooo?

Now for today's cam shots... what IS it with this guy? 

Ah, an egg... but eyes are paying attention to it.

Let's all sing!

Looky Lous!

A closeup of the trio singing

And the final image on Christmas Eve? Our egg is still there. Sigh. Waiting is tough.

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Update (Part 1)

There's one whopper of an egg and everyone is busy keeping theirs covered. 

It's a beautiful, sunny day at the Rookery and look! The egg!

Ah, contentment...
Close up of someone getting happy
What a sweet little couple...
I see that egg, little one!
A typical day at the Rookery...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Part 3

 From November, a couple choosing rocks for their nest

Yes, nest building is commencing here, but HEY THERE! One of our friends at the station is down by the sea. Nice to see one of them out and about, so a big wave to you and also, a huge heap of thanks for maintaining the cams for us all!
It's blurred due to the wind, but notice the breeding of our close-up couple on November 28th.

 The last shot from November. I really like this because this little fellow on the left is so randy!

 Back to December and a PHOTOBOMB!

 See the egg behind our parent Gentoo?

This little guy just won't quit. lol
Notice the feathers plucked out to make a space for the egg? 
 I see just the hint of an egg, but this is a nice shot, nevertheless. 

 Sitting on the nest and happy as heck.

A good shot of an egg. 
 Just hanging out (taken 3 days ago)

 Two days ago. 

 Taken yesterday and yep, there's the egg.

 I think he's flirting with us. 

Taken today. No chicks yet. Stay tuned!