Monday, January 20, 2014

Gentoo Chick Watch Week 2

This week, there were just too, too many images I wanted to share of the growing chicks, so I made a gif of them so you could just see them all. Otherwise, I would've uploaded about 30+ camshots. lol
This penguin is the one whose nest in the above gif has an unhatched egg. No worries, though. The proud parents still have an ever growing chick that will get all the food. Can we see that Super-Chick is coming? Of course. I'm naming this little guy, C.K., after the you-know-who super person in disguise. 
There's the egg alongside C.K.
 Look how big C.K. is already! 

And here's little C.K. with his first photobomb. :-)
Mom or Dad eventually realize the egg is no good and kick it out of the nest, and it's a good thing, too. Little C.K. doesn't have room to burrow beneath those protective, proud chests of his parents. 

More to come... stay tuned! 
And by the way, Happy Penguin Appreciation Day!

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