Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gentoo Egg Watch Update 1

It's the fifth of January and are those penguins conversing? 
 He sees the egg and so do we. No hatching yet. 

Another egg shot and the male appears to be rockhounding again. 

 She's checking those eggs... why? Because they are hatching soon! 

 We have some happy Gentoos because those eggs are rattling. 

 Another good shot of the egg on Day 6!

In a hurry there?
"Lemme see!"

 January 7 and I see an egg, but to me, it appears cracked! What do you think? 

 Not sure if the penguin on the left has a hatchling yet, but she is sure interested. 

 WHAT???  Does this Gentoo on the left have a chick? It sure looks like it!!!

 Still Day 7 and still the egg is there. C'mon little fellas!

A closeup of Day 7's egg. 

I'm going to tease you horribly... the next post, well, you MUST see it! 

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