Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gentoo Chick Watch 1/11/2014

There's our new parent, showing off his/her chicks
 One parent is feeding the chick

I see a baby! No wait! I see 2 babies!
 If you look at this closely, you'll see the parent feeding the chick.

This is the next frame and there the little one is!
This one is thinking about feeding its chick.
 I can't see these little guys enough. 

 There's a chick, plus there's a nice sky to boot.

 Proud parents!

 Just had to include another shot of that gorgeous sky

The babies are getting some fresh air.
 Sunshine and the chicks are cuddled against the parent.

Excellent shot of some penguin chick butts.

 Feeding time.

 There's a little chick head poking out.

Here's a shot of one parent with 2 chicks beneath those feathers.
Now, the close-ups. Isn't this just the grandest image of a parent feeding a chick?
 More feeding...

There he is!


 Feeding time!

 Uh-oh! A summer snow. Thankfully a light dusting. 

Look at the chicks on this side of the rookery!

More tomorrow... stay tuned!

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