Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Update

I see an egg!

Somebody's happy. :-)
Not sure if this is an illusion or that penguin on the left is feeding a chick. She really does appear to be doing so. Will keep looking... 
She's on the egg and she is talking!
 Now see? She gets up and it's just an egg.  The little fellow is either tucked under or mom's leading us on.

I see that egg, again.
Well, what a poser!
Coming home after feeding and he's in a hurry!
 This is simply a photobomb. No question. lol

Are we trying to be sexy here or what? 
 Good close-up of a huge egg. 

Mr. Sexy is baaaaack.
 Shake, shake, shake!

Another shot of the egg.
I just liked this one for some reason. 
And this one, too. 

 Aw now you're just being silly!

 Just when you think he's gone... boom!

Nice portrait, but isn't he showing off?

Will be looking again today... stay tuned. Chicks are due to hatch ANY DAY!


whiteflower said...

Thank you fir photos and posts! Happy New year!

Lin Kerns said...

You're so very welcome!!! So glad you enjoy them... it's great to share one's enthusiasm for these wonderful birds. And... a very happy new year to you!