Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Update (Part 2)

This image is from December 18th, and as you can see, there are two nicely intact eggs on that nest.

The next day, we get a looksee at another egg in another nest.

The parent takes a break and we catch another glimpse of an egg, again on the 19th.

 Another day passes and the egg is still there.

This is a nice shot of that huge honker of an egg.

This egg is beginning to take on some wear and dirt, but still it's there.

I'll just bet that's the male trying to be cute.

The 23rd and no chick yet, BUT there's been a great deal of looking.
 Guess whoooo?

Now for today's cam shots... what IS it with this guy? 

Ah, an egg... but eyes are paying attention to it.

Let's all sing!

Looky Lous!

A closeup of the trio singing

And the final image on Christmas Eve? Our egg is still there. Sigh. Waiting is tough.

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