Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Part 3

 From November, a couple choosing rocks for their nest

Yes, nest building is commencing here, but HEY THERE! One of our friends at the station is down by the sea. Nice to see one of them out and about, so a big wave to you and also, a huge heap of thanks for maintaining the cams for us all!
It's blurred due to the wind, but notice the breeding of our close-up couple on November 28th.

 The last shot from November. I really like this because this little fellow on the left is so randy!

 Back to December and a PHOTOBOMB!

 See the egg behind our parent Gentoo?

This little guy just won't quit. lol
Notice the feathers plucked out to make a space for the egg? 
 I see just the hint of an egg, but this is a nice shot, nevertheless. 

 Sitting on the nest and happy as heck.

A good shot of an egg. 
 Just hanging out (taken 3 days ago)

 Two days ago. 

 Taken yesterday and yep, there's the egg.

 I think he's flirting with us. 

Taken today. No chicks yet. Stay tuned!

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