Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gentoo Egg Watch 2013 Part 2

 Have a little fog with your egg, peeps?

Whoops!!! Sometimes these nests are a little too near each other. 
Another peek at an egg!
 Just the barest hint of an egg there, I see.

 What's this? Breeding? At this late stage? 

 NICE shot of that egg; it's HUGE!

 AND another nice view of an egg. Oh, and it appears someone just returned from the sea. 

 Another nest; another egg!

 Nothing unusual here. Just a nice shot from November. 

 Another November shot and it's time for a swim.

 More November memories... 

Notice how this couple is staring at the ground in November? Not sure if that's part of the mating ritual or if they're scoping a site for nest building.

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