Thursday, March 3, 2016

Penguin Activity Summary 02.19-29.2016


It's been a few days since I updated this blog, but many of the cam images were empty. I tried to catch as many of them and eliminate them, but a few sneaked past me. As you can tell, everyone moves around a great deal now; however, the chicks have a tendency to return to their nest from time to time. As they head back before the cams, we can see how much they have matured. They've developed the Gentoo trademark white mark above their eyes and are now experiencing their first molt. Next comes their first swim and that should be an exciting time for them, as they will no longer be dependent on mom and dad. 

That dark spot you see floating in some of the came images is fog. I've often said that Antarctic fog has legs and walks where it will. lol 

Thanks for watching these new additions grow into juveniles, who, in a few years will return here and also provide us with more chicks to watch and from whom we can learn so much about these marvelous birds. 


Site 1 Far 02.19-29.2016 

Site 1 Near 02.19-29.2016

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