Friday, January 22, 2016

Penguin Activity Summary 01.20-22.2016

 Site 1 Creche 01.20-22.2016

Site 1 Near 01.20-22.2016

Since there are now so few penguins at Site 2, I have elected to not summarize them. Instead, the far cam on Site 1 takes images of the chicks gathering place or as it's normally called, the creche. Also, I've noticed that the adults all leave to feed and the pair who have late chicks in the Near cam image are left to babysit. 

I'm very concerned at the lateness of those aforementioned chicks. They're so small and they were hatched a month behind the rest of the chicks. Let's keep an eye on them and hope that they both have time to mature before they all leave in the fall. 


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