Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Cams are ON--and so it begins

Huzzah! The season is in its infancy and the penguins are on their way. What is so encouraging is that the good folks at O'Higgins have repaired two of their five cameras. The one which focuses on the station as a whole and the one that keeps a vigilant eye on the station's dish are up and running. Now, at least, we can see the current weather and the state of the ice around the station.

October is here and it couldn't come any sooner. It is with all good wishes for the gentry at O'Higgins to repair the other cams as soon as possible. Don't worry though--if they're up, they'll be posted. In fact, once the Gentoos arrive, I'll be making many posts during the day... hope you like penguins. :)